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Archaeological Haecceities

Den svenske arkeologen Johan Normarks engelskspråkiga blogg. Här finner du arkeologi, mayaforskning, antropologi, filosofi, paleontologi, klimatforskning, kreationism, New Age, pseudovetenskap, och min främsta fritidssysselsättning som är resor.

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Presenting Ichmul from above
In an earlier post I presented Ichmul from the ground level. Here is a cloudy image from Google Earth where some of the locations are marked. This is how Ichmul appears from a mile above the ground. How to get to Ichmul? The site can be reached from Chikindzonot to the east and Peto and Calotmul to [...]

Presenting Sacalaca from above
In an earlier post I presented Sacalaca from the ground level. Here is an image from Google Earth where some of the locations are marked. This is how Sacalaca appears from a mile above the ground. Note that the CRAS camp consists of two buildings located two blocks from each others (actually there are three buildings, [...]

Carved stairway raisers at Yo’okop
Five carved blocks have been found in Group A at Yo’okop. The carved stones are likely from the same building due to their similar carving depths, glyphic compounds and cartouche formats (Wren, et al. in press). It is believed, based upon a local informant, that the known carved blocks (roughly 0.4 x 0.4 m) originated [...]

Outlining an archaeology of water
No, this post is not about underwater shipwrecks, water management and the like. These are all anthropocentric and hylomorphic perspectives that have been dealt with by other researchers.  For example, in Mayanist studies water tends to be seen from primarily functionalistic and idealist perspectives. Scarborough, Lucero, and others have explored the water management aspects and [...]

Sacbeob 4: The Blister Black Christ of Ichmul
In April I wrote three posts on sacbeob (causeways). These posts lined up with another series of posts on posthumanocentric/polyagentive archaeology where I used causeways to explain my idea of polyagency. Since my dissertation I have elaborated upon posthumanocentric archaeology. I have ditched the polyagency term for the time being but I will reuse it [...]

2012: How to spot a prophet’s Maya hoax – thinking outside the box
Central to the 2012 phenomenon is that many proponents are self-proclaimed novel thinkers. They say that they think outside the box, a box usually created by science or by society in general. It comes in many different versions: Calleman creates his own personal cosmology by mixing his version of the Maya calendar(s) and scientific results [...]

Mayanist lecture at Stockholm University
On the 25th of November, Professor Stephen Houston, Brown University, will give a lecture at the Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies, Stockholm University. He will talk about Visibility and Invisibility: Architectural Implications of the Seen and Unseen (but Sensed) among the Classic Maya. Houston is also invited to a workshop on “the archaeology of [...]

A matter of wood
Central in Posthumanocentric archaeology is another conceptualization of matter than usually found in archaeology. Deleuze shows the way. He rejects explanations that primarily seek creativity external to what is within any system which is the doctrine of hylomorphism which most archaeologists follow. Hylomorphism states that “the order displayed by material systems is due to the [...]

2012: Playboy and the apocalypse as seen from the viewpoint of the porn industry
In early June I created a post concerning the website Apocalypse porn. Little did I know back then that the porn industry itself would be attracted to the 2012 circus (maybe I was prophetic in my own way). One of the most reputable porn magazines in the world is Playboy (note the sense of irony [...]

The last stand at El Mirador?
As mentioned in an earlier post, the origin and development of the Kaan kingdom is of major interest in Mayanist studies. Excavations at Ichkabal attempts to prove that the original capital of the kingdom lay in the east, and not at Calakmul in the west where the capital lay during the Late Classic period. A [...]

The other Otherness
For quite some time now archaeology has been swamped by agency approaches in one way or another. This is the result of a need to know how human agents become socialized beings. A theme in Western thought of how human beings are socialized is that the self relates to the Other. The Other is believed [...]


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