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Vintage Joy

Idén bakom denna blogg är att dela med oss om våra erfarenheter och vad det är som inspirerar oss. Vintage är den stilen som står närmast våra hjärtan och är temat för denna blogg. Vi kommer att visa de loppisfynd vi hittat och hur vi har gått till väga för att piffa upp de. V

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Inlägg i Vintage Joy

New studded project done
So yet another new studded project done, since I got so inspired by this foto I had to make my own version of the studded pocket.  I love them ;)

...spring fever
It looks like spring has finally arrived to Sweden. After living in darkness for months, the first ray of light just fills you up with new energy. Me and I assume many others get the sudden urge to do some handicraft around the house. As seasons change it’s nice to change the house accordingly. Just giving the room a facelift by changing the wallpaper or changing the textile on your sofa. I’ve done a small search online and these are my amazing findings. The collection PIP that can be found at From the collection Wallpower Next by Intrade --> The timeless and absolutely gorgeus pattern Unikko by marimekko Beautiful fabrics by Erja Hirvi for maimekko Even at IKEA there are some new amazing and spring inspired fabric collections to be found --> This is from the collection CECILIA and costs only 25 sek/meter YOUR WALLPAPER has an amzing new concept that allows you to personalize your wallpaper. You can basically get whatever motif you want on your wall.From your favorite picture of your family to that amazing view of the ocean you always wanted. For more information visit Here is an example, the collection Lolitas by Lovisa Burfitt

Studded leather jacket!
I finally decided to do something with my other leather jacket, since I find it kind of boring i put some star studds on the shouders, military style....just the way I like it.I will mix it with girlie, flowerly cute clothes....I want summer!

Tour Eiffel
You remember my shelf with my robots and other stuff, they got a new family member a few days ago. I have searched for a little Tour Eiffel statue for a long time now, and found one in a vintage store by accident, so finally I got one. Im so happy, now I just have to buy me a trip to Paris soon.....Je suis venue à Paris

wise as an owl..
Here are some examples of different gelatine prints of the same motif...i really like this type of printig cause' each time the print is different..unique.. and close-up... and the first try on fabric..

trying out a new printing technique..
...called Montypes on gelatin plate. The process is similar to how you make regular montype prints but the interesting thing about this technique is that you actually use gelatin plates during's an MESSY but very interesting process.. I didn't want to go stright to printing on fabric so I tried it out on regular paper first to see and to get a feel on how it's done.. Here are some examples -->

A new remake...
I made a new remake of a vintage jacket I bought in Milan last year. It used to have long sleeves and no strings around the cornerners. It´s a twist between Chanel and. Balmain. I LOVE.

Studded Converse
Yesterday I got my studds. Since I find my black Converse very boring nowadays I decided to pimp them out. And here is the result....I LOVE

The birth of AlteredBlotch..
Recently it was my brothers birthday, and trust me it's impossible to buy him something he'd actually like. So i had the idea to make him an t-shirt with the Muppets (it's an inside joke) but also a cool and different one he'd use. I showed it to Marija and she loved the idea and decided to make one for her boyfriend as well. Both t-shirts got really good response from other people and some even wanted to know where it was possible to purchase them. This is where the idea behind ALteredBlotch was born. An all new brand with handmade prints and vintage remakes. For more information or purchase please visit: here is an preview  LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK...

Nighty night...
I bought a bedside table in a second hand shop about a month ago, and finally I had it painted in white. Before that it was in teak...brownish colour, but some kid that had it before me had made some bad sketching on it so I had to paint it. Now it looks even better than before. Cute right?


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