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I'm looking for the big adventure, Asia, Oceania, south and north America here I come! Read about the travels of a young girl trying to go around the globe without flying

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Boat party!
A girl named Natasha threw a big party on a boat on her birthday and because she was leaving Saigon. It was really cool, lots of couchsurfers and other fun people!


Took a tour to the killing fields and the S21 museum today. I'm glad I went there but it was also tough to see it. It really got me how many people where killed during Pol Pots regime seeing all the skulls and I can't imagine the horrors people experienced just 30 years ago in the S21 prison.The pagoda above is filled with human skullsIn the middle of all the horrors I found this cute little fellowOne of the bigger cells in S21, no use for the prisoners who where chained to their beds

Last day
On my last day in Saigon Adam and Steven throw a large birthday party for Steven/housewarming for their new house. Big party with lots of fun people and a DJ!Mai and Charlie

Cu Chi tunnels and Cao Dai temple
Went to the Cu Chi tunnels with Sry, another couchsurfer today. The Cu Chi guerrilla didn't live in the tunnels but they used them a lot and considering how small the western resized tunnels we went through are it's hard to imagine how they could move fast crawling along them.We also saw the Cao Dai temple, Cao Dai is a strange religion that mixes Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism and Konfucianism.

Leaving Nha Trang
Today I'm leaving Nha Trang, I liked it here but I finished my divemaster and I'm ready for some new adventures!I've made a list with three things I don't like about my stay here and three things I really like about this place.First off is the things that I could do without:My hotel room - I hate living alone in hotels. It sucks. I can't belive I didn't make some more effort to get another place. No more, I go couchsurfing in Saigon next!Objectification of women - It's everywhere but here it's really been in my face a lot, frustrating and most of all irritating.Drunk assholes - Also everywhere but I met some people here that really takes the price.Now to the good stuff!Friends - I hope we can stay in touch and I get to see you again some day. Gonna miss you all!DUP and Caroline - My digital underwater photography course really got me interested in taking pictures again. I've been taking lots of pictures but I haven't actually used my camera settings and experimented with them a lot. And I totally forgot how much fun Photoshop is! So you'll be seeing a lot more of those kinds of pictures now:LionfishSpanish DancerThank you Caroline!Diving - I really got a lots of experience diving here with Rainbow and it's been hard sometimes but also fun! Can't wait to see where I end up diving next.

I arrived six o'clock in the morning with the night bus from Nha Trang. Everything went just fine, found the house without any trouble and my hosts seems great so far, and there are some other couchsurfers here as well keeping me company.They also have the cutest puppy named Charlie, he's really fluffy so he reminds me of my cat, I love him ^___^

At red sun
The main hang out place for us that's stuck here'Got a kiss ticket but no kissesNo comments...

Rainbow sushi
Coolest veggie sushi I've seen

Divemaster on the boat
A perfectly normal day...

Getting better at this!
It's funny when you go diving, I walked into a restaurant and a customer that had been on the boat said hi to me, remembered my name and all but I didn't... there is so much people all the time. Got me dinner company and some pool practice anyway!


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