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Sara Inga Catrin- Fashion and life through my eyes

Här kan ni läsa om mitt liv, mode, inspiration, personal style, känslor, vänner och allt annat som berör mig på olika sätt :) Enjoy!

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Currently on repeat

Fruity loops - 100% fruit
Yesterday till today I've been making Fruity loops or fruit leather as they are more commonly called. They are soo simple to make that I had to share the process with you guys! perfect to stack and keep in your bag when you're on the run (from the law?) and need a quick pick me up or snack. These are made with 100 % fruit sans sugar and other additaments. Set your oven on its lowest setting

Tracks from the 70s
I'm currently going back and forth between the best of albums of Leo Sayer and Earth, wind and fire. They are both amazing but Leo's album from '79 is my new fav from today and I'm now half way through my parents' vinyl collection. For those who might be wondering about the Crosley, I'm loving mine! I don't think the sound is bad... lacks a bit of depth maybe but set up and connected to a

Tick tick tick
H&M is currently ticking all the boxes for me. I really should not be shopping more clothes at the moment but with these items, at the set price point I could not resist. I've already gotten the over the knee boots and I was a bit sceptic, thinking the quality contra price would be telling but they are actually really nice. Only thing is that they fit quite tight on my big calf legs (I blame

Weekend studies
I'm so happy I bought this book! It's the perfect get started-motivated-organised guide! x S. Book; Simple soldering - A beginner's guide to jewelry making by Kate Ferrant Richbourg

Welcome to my journey: The making of a studio
 This year I've decided to really go for it, live my dreams instead of putting them off, storing them on a blank space as potential. One of the questions we get asked most in life is "what do you want to be when you get older?" like it should be an easy question to answer? My answer is still, "I have no idea..." because it's not that easy, you do not simply become something because for me

Hair like Ella + Tutorial
While listening to this song, which I love (anything by Ella!) I stumbled across this tutorial of how to get Ella's defined curly-fro look. I had more defined curls in my mid-end teens and I've seen a huge difference in the quality in both my hair in general and my curls post coloring and highlights (I know, bad bad bad). Another bad habit is that I touch my hair, combing it through, with or

2 x Sunday
After a pretty hard week both emotionally and physically I went out, treated myself to a new vase from my favourite pottery place and a dozen of white tulips to lighten my mood. They are just so pretty and flowers in general just makes me happy. I also came across these earrings at Lindex the other day. I love the curve of the moon so I could not leave them, they are just too pretty,

Shopping & other stories
I got my pay check today... so I felt like treating myself to a little retail therapy, online that is, haven't left the house today (home exam). I've never bought anything from & other stories before but after hearing only great things about it I dove in and actually managed to find some great pieces in their sale (the necklaces). I also ended up ordering their scent Arabesque Wood - Earth

December and January Favourites
These are my beauty favourites that I've been using through out the month of December (non-stop) and so far they are my favourites for the new year as well. Hope you enjoy, x S. To prep my winter-dry skin I've been using my nearly finished ( :´(  ) Avéne - skin recovery cream. As soon as I'm out, which will be any day now, I'll buy a new tube of Avéne because it has truly saved my

An Icelandic adventure
As I mentioned in my previous post my sister and I gave our mother an Icelandic horse riding experience for Christmas. She's never gone horseback riding before and we were all full of excitement, starting the day with a 1,5 h drive to our destination. When arriving we got to cuddle and get to know our horses before heading off into the woods. My horse for the day was pretty Sonja.


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