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En Norrländsk blogg om allt möjligt

Bloggar om histioria,filmer,spel,kändisar,släktforskning,brott och straff,matlagning

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Cloned Monkeyhuman would fight for Stalin
” I want a fighting machine that no one can beat and insensitive for pain, and not caring about the quality of the food its eating” said the dictator of the Sovjetunion Josef Stalin in the 1920:s to one of the countrys leading scientists, Ilja Ivanov. Stalins dream where to bulid a army of [...]

Iphone rejects C64 Emulator
The emulator has these features * Full speed, Commodore 64 emulator * SID sound emulation * Auto-save, to continue exactly where you left off * Realistic joystick and beautifully crafted C64 keyboard * Portrait and Landscape play [...]

Detective writer pointed out artist…
The theroy about the guilt of Walter Sickert has been pushed forwards by Patrica Cornwell, and many others. In 2002 Cornwell tried to solve the mystery in a bok whit the title Portratit of a killer: Jack The Ripper – Case Closed. She is said to have spended over six miljon dollar on DNA-tests and other investigations [...]

Prince Albert Victor where blaimed for the murders..
In 1970:s the retired doctor Thomas Stowell published an artikel where he claimed that Jack The Ripper where identic to the english prince Albert Victor, grandchild to Queen Victoria. The reason that prince Albert Victor would have done this is that he had psyfilis and wanted revenge. Stowells claims caused a scandal and it was kritisied [...]

Do you want to make a homepage?
During the summer 1&1 has 3 months free, the offer stands for a limited time, so if you are intressted why not make a deal of it today? Try 1&1 eShops. Shopping Cart hosting starting at less than month. Click Here Now to Save and Sell Online.

Uniqe recording of Agatha Christie has been found
Relatives to Agatha Christie have found more than 13 hours recorded material where the famous detectiveauthor tells the story about her life and work. The recording where done in the 1960s and was discoverd by her grandson in the home in Torquay. She never speaked about her life but on the recordings it is said that [...]

Become pregnant – blames a swim in the pool
A polish woman is suing an egyptian hotel after her 13 year old daughter become pregnant in the hotel pool. The woman claims that her daughter didn´t meet any boys during her stay in Egypt, so the only place where the sperms could have enterd here body is in the hotelpool. Read about it here in Swedish

Lincoln is honored whit a own room
Ford´s theatre in Washington where Abraham Lincoln where killed in 1865 will be renovated. A memoryroom over Lincoln will be built and should have beeen done to his birthday 12:th of Februari 2009

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A long lived debacle
In 1830:s a new medicine where introduced in the USA. According to the creator it could cure baldness and fotfunges. The medicine was called Dr. Milles Compound Extract of Tomato. Those of them who used it didn´t notice anything about their hair or the funges, but discoverd on the other hand that it tasted very [...]


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